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                                                                                         Monument a Verdaguer, Vic

Type of work:
Free-standing monumental sculpture

Location: Parc dels Estudis (univeristy's area), Vic, Catalonia  

Author: Andreu Alfaro i Hernández (València, 1929-2012)

Date: 2002

Description: In 2002, due to the celebration of the centenary of the poet Jacint Verdaguer's death, a huge sculpture was built in one of the most enchanting parts of the city: Parc dels Estudis. For this reason, the work's shape resembles the poet. 
It consists of three Corten steel cylinders, two of them shorter than the other one, which is situated in the center of the work and holds it to the ground. They are united on the top of the sculpture obliquely. The whole structure is situated on a concrete base with an inscription on it (veure). The size of the sculpture is 25 metres of heigh and 1 metre of width. Its weigh is about 7 tonnes.
The aim of the art work, as it has been said previously, is to symbolize Verdaguer's figure, concretely the soutane he used to wear as he was a chaplain.    

Parc dels Estudis, Vic, Catalonia