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Glorieta "Font i Quer" (also known as "Els Ous del Siurana")


Type of work:

Location: On the roundabout situated at the entrance of the Mitjana Park in Lleida, Catalonia (it's situated in the junction of Xavier Puig i Andreu St. and Pearson avenue)
Author: Antoni Siurana ordered to build the sculpture.

Date: It isn't known the specific date but it was built before 2006.


The sculpture consists of two big structures with an oval form. The two structures are probably built of iron or steel. Inside the sculpture, there are a lot of river stones. Some people say the stones remind them of the Segre River and they say the sculpture looks like two big eggs but in our opinion, they look like two huge watermelons.

Antoni Siurana ordered to make the sculpture before his term of office finished in 2006 (he was Conseller of Agriculture and Fisheries in the Government of Catalonia).

The sculpture isn’t really called “Els ous del Siurana” (Siurana’s balls in English), but it’s its popular name. It's a homage to Pius Font i Quer, a Catalan botanist, pharmacist and chemist born in Lleida.

It’s called like that because Antoni Siurana , mayor of Lleida from 1979 to 1987, insisted A LOT on making the roundabout, and have this sculpture placed in the middle.


Mitjana's Park, Lleida