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Àngel del voluntariat


Type of work: 
Monumental sculpture

Location: Avinguda Francesc Macià, Manresa (Spain)  

Author: Àngels Freixanet

Àngels Freixanet begins her artist career with painting exhibitions inscribed in an expressionism with French influences. From her first journey to New York, she contacts with the informalism world, the large architectural spaces and the freedom of the vanguards. There, she feels the call of the material iron and decides definitively on the sculpture.

She had her first individual exhibition in 1974 at “Sala Gaudí” in Barcelona. From then, she has made thirty more exhibitions in Spanish and foreign cities, such as Madrid, Bilbao, Málaga, Lérida, Zaragoza, París, Genève, Aix-en-Provence and five more in Barcelona.

She has also participated in collective exhibitions in Paris, Genève, Stuttgart, New York, Narbonne, Madrid and Barcelona. 

Date: 1999

Description: wanted to represent an angel to help people need it. This is her idea of ​​what the volunteers of the Red Cross do because they are people who give a lot for nothing.

The material used is recycled iron.