Welcome to the Public Art Project, a collaborative project by iEARN-Pangea.

Let us to tell you in few words what is Public Art Project and how to participate in it.

The project has three main goals: to promote knowledge of public art works and foster respect of them, practice with web collaborative tools and encourage collaboration among students through art.

Public Art Project focuses mainly on three subjects: Arts, Social Studies and English (as a foreign language or not).

The proposal is aimed at students aged 11 to 18.
Our suggestion is to participate in groups of 6 to 8 people. In this way everyone can be involved in project activities.

What is the task?

We strongly recommend following these steps:

a) Election of public art work
  • Choose a public art work in your town or neighborhood. Note that public art works must be placed in public spaces, in the open airSculptures, murals, fountains or urban furniture are allowed but not buildings, towers, bridges and other constructions.
b) Information search and processing
  • Search information about the chosen work (author, history, meaning...).
  • Write a description of the work (shape, materials, dimensions...).
  • Take a picture of the work. All pictures uploaded to the project website must be original. Don't use images from Internet.
  • Record a short video (1' max.) of the work and its environment.
c) Contributing to the project
  • A specific page for each group will be created within the project website. There will be a template in order to ease the uploading of contents (pictures, video, text...). See the Tutorial section.

A Google account (for each group) will be required in order to access the workspace.